We want to capture YOU!.... You as a couple, having fun, joking and laughing, play fighting, telling jokes, falling about, holding each other and saying "I Love You"

We'll spend time with you in your home or at your favourite romantic location where you like to go together. Think beaches, sunsets, log fires, throw in some fun, romance and intimacy and you have the perfect love story!

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As parents we're quite often the ones "taking" the photos and not "in" them! We want to create for you family photos that show the pure love you have for one another and your children.

During the session we'll be there to capture all the emotions that take place within family life and watch personalities shine through. We won't pose you in a studio, we'll be there either in your home or out on location with your family.

Lifestyle sessions are perfect for family life - which can all too often become busy and stressful - so relax and enjoy having some quality family time!

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